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"To The Families Lucky Enough to Have Shanny Care For your Precious Little One(s),

My name is Karla and my little guy's name is Jaxon. He was under Shanny's care for one year, the very important year before he stared his JK career. My husband and I are so very pleased with the kindness, love and patience that Shanny provides the Kidlets in her care. Her home is always clean, tidy, warm and inviting. Very impressive. From the first few minutes of the initial meeting with Shanny, I immediately knew that this was the place for our little one. The first impression that Shanny gives off is so incredubly calming, warm and caring. You can tell right away when seeing Shanny with her wonderful family that they have a very special bond, and they all treat the Kidlets with such kindness and care. ☺ We are also very impressed with the all of the activities and crafts that are part of the Kidlets day to day routine. And I must say, around those special holidays throughout the year, Shanny always has a wonderful party for the littles ones to celebrate, complete with the most creative and amazing goodies! We also love that each child has a cupcake birthday celebration for their special day. It is the personal touches like these, that make Kidlet Kare so special. As mentioned above, with our little guy being under Shanny's care the year leading up to JK, the teaching and learning Shanny provided really and truly gave our litle guy a fantastic start and prepared him for his JK education. Which we are beyond thankful for. ☺There were many days when I would have rathered stayed with Shanny and the Kidlets than go to work! And she knows this!

The one thing I would change, would be to have met Shanny sooner, and had our Jaxon under her amazing care for his enire daycare journey. But we are so grateful for the one year we had! We are so very grateful and thankful to Shanny for all of the amazing care she has provided to our Jaxon. What a great year it was! ☺


I am proud to call Shanny a friend, and writing this letter does make me a little emotional, because words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to have met her.



"It is with great pleasure I write this letter for Kidlet Kare, “Shanny” and the Gregory Family.

I first had the opportunity to meet the Gregory family when my son was 2, I was looking for a full-time daycare provider in an environment where my son with be happy, have a routine, eat properly, hit milestones and a place he would love to go to. The search was daunting and we began to feel hopeless… I was going to settle for my son just being happy as our search dragged on and then I met Shantalle and The Gregory family.

I am a helicopter mom, after meeting Shanny, seeing Kidlet Kare and understanding the routine and environment my son would be in. I landed my helicopter…..  My husband and I where thrilled, even more thrilled that our son loved going to Kidlet Kare. He spoke often about Shanny and his special friends at Kidlet Kare.  I have sat in her drive way waiting to make sure my son was having a good day and receiving a Text update that he was happily having breakfast and playing with friends! Parenting can be tough, Shanny was right there helping me and was completely on board with my parenting style. I often took back on that time period when my son was between 2-4 and am so thankful for Shanny and Kidlet Kare.

The routine and structure of Kidlet Kare was very important to my son’s routine. Crafts, learning time, nap time, lunch, chores, reading, learning to write his name and circle time.. all these special activities that he could participate in that Shanny loving and patiently did for her kidlets. Became an important part of my son’s growth. It wasn’t only the structure of Kidlet Kare that we loved, there was always a theme and or a special party to look forward too!  Shanny spent so much time making holidays, milestones and birthdays special for each kidlet. My son has spent 4 special birthdays with Shanny, Each one she has made him feel just as special as the previous.

After aging out of Kidlet Kare 2 years ago, my son still asks to go back. Shanny has been able to accommodate time on March Breaks or Summer vacations. Knowing my son was at Kidlet Kare was a relief to me because I knew he was in happy place.

Shanny became a part of our family and my son part of theirs!  Seeing their big hugs and smiles together when we see one another in the community currently is amazing! Shanny and my son share a special bond that was created during his time at Kidlet Kare that I am forever grateful for." ~Kate

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Shantallle Gregory's in home child care center, Kidlet Kare. My daughter has been at Kidlet Kare since October 2015, and we couldn't be more pleased. Shantalle is dedicated to providing a caring, creative, fun, and loving environment for the children in her care, it truly is a home away from home for our little one.  Shantalle is exceptionally organized and the Kidlet's daily schedules include educational activities, indoor play time, craft time, outside time, story 'circle' time, lunch, snack and nap time. Shantalle is patient and kind while still maintaining discipline and gaining the utmost respect of the children in her care. Shantalle offers an open atmosphere where parents are able to visit, and encouraged to participate in her many family friendly events. I encourage you to schedule a visit to Kidlet Kare and take the time to look around and meet with Shantalle. It is difficult to leave your children in someone else’s care and finding a child care provider you can trust is vital. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kind Regards, Nicole" 

"Shantalle is an amazing person and an excellent care giver to our son Alex! I feel confident that he is happy and engaged in all sorts of fun toddler activity while he is there, top that off with healthy meals and snacks along with the great friends that he has made there makes for a great experience for Alex and us. We are truly happy that we found Shantalle and we are very thankful for all that she has done to make sure Alex feels at home and has fun when he is there!" ~Rachel

"To Whom it May Concern, As full-time working parents, my husband and I found ourselves looking for childcare for our son.  After leaving several interviews with home daycare providers feeling unsure, we came across the Kidlet Kare website.  We were immediately impressed with the business that Shantalle runs and her professionalism.  But after meeting with her and her family, it was her wonderful personality and obvious dedication to the "kidlets" that led us to believe this would be the right fit.  We were right!  Our now 2 year old son is extremely happy at Kidlet Kare and we are very satisfied parents.  Shantalle has completely renovated her basement to be a daycare centre.   She provides structured activities tailored to education and creativity, free play, outdoor activities for exercise, nutritious meals and snacks, a safe environment, and lots of love!  Shantalle goes above and beyond by always keeping the parents updated.  She provides us with daily reports, online photo albums, email updates, and amazing crafts and artwork to take home. In my opinion, the care she provides is the best of both worlds.  We get the professionalism and structure that you would expect from a public daycare, but a warm and loving environment that you would want from a home daycare.  I would highly recommend Shantalle Gregory to any parents considering home daycare. "~Chelsea

"My little girl loves it at Kidlet Kare. Shan provides structure and a variety of activities to promote creativity, learning and development of social skills for the kids. She's flexible and works with parents to meet the needs of each child as they grow and change. And she is committed to teaching the kids health habits and respect for others - I love that. Learning, laughing and loving are all in a day's play at Kidlet Kare." - Kyla

"Our two sons have been in Shantalle's care since September 2012 and we are so fortunate to have found her! Their days at Kidlet Kare are packed with creativity, nutritious meals, adventure and positive reinforcement. I would highly recommend her!" - Beth 

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